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When creating an Org-wide Team it pulls in every user in the organization and keeps the membership up to date with Active Directory as users join and leave the organization.


Then John starts Monday in the marketing department - he is then added automatically - but 'how' - what's the 'trigger' for adding john?

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They check for every user with a license which could also invluxe accounts not really belonging in a team!

Read more here:

This is from official doc:

“When an org-wide team is created, all global admins are added as team owners and all active users are added as team members. Users who are disabled for Teams, guest users, and most rooms aren't added to the team. As your organization's directory is updated to include new active users or if users no longer work at your company and their Teams license is disabled, changes are automatically synced and the users are added or removed from the team.”

@adam deltinger   Would you happen to know when they (documentation) says Organization is that to be interpreted or equal to tenant?  The reason I ask is because we have a multi-domain tenant and we have unlicensed users in those domains that we do not want to have in the org-wide Team.  We use that domain specifically to collaborate in SharePoint with pseudo-Guests and it would not be appropriate for them to see everything that the primary domain ( or main tenant sees. I would post this to the site but that requires GitHub account now.

I don’t really get what your question was?
They shouldn’t get added if they aren’t licensed

@adam deltinger  Sorry,  When I read the docs, in the second paragraph it specifically states

"When an org-wide team is created, all global admins are added as team owners and all active users are added as team members. Unlicensed users are also added to the team. The first time an unlicensed user signs in to Teams, the user is assigned a Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud Trial license."


I do not even want that to happen if we assign new unlicensed users to the other domain.

I could probably remove the ability for them to set up Trial but it sounds like a lot of manual work.

Hmm! True! Can’t rememver seeing this last time I checked!!

But you can disable users to access that trial as well:

True, but this will impact All users in the tenant, not just the Unlicensed ones. I just checked and my settings for the Store and Trials is already off. If we ever decide we can trust our licensed users I will have to re-visit how to handle the Unlicensed.

So now the discussion is an academic one. What does the organization mean? Is it all of the domains in a tenant or just the primary originally set with the onmicrosoft?
It’s all the users in the directory except the accounts mentioned in the docs..
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