Org-Wide Favorite Contact in Teams

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I'm wondering if it's possible through Teams Admin Center to create an org-wide 'favorite' contact. The purpose is to have an easily accessible shortcut to the phone number for the company's IT Helpdesk available to all users so they can quickly contact the helpdesk via Teams. I don't think this is possible, considering how limited the address book features are in Teams. Any insight or ideas on how I could implement something similar to this?

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@trweaver Hi, perhaps this approach under your org. settings? "Help desk information" (let me add the disclaimer it pops up in Office under help but not directly in Teams).




Or the most simple thing in the org-wide team settings?




Will be visible under "Channel info"







like Christian said and what you already know: nope
our workaround:
1,we develop chat bot(app) in Teams
2,you can create an account for IT
3, please notice org-wide teams has amount limitation(10,000)