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When using /org in the Search bar in Teams I don't always get hits for person I'm searching for. It seems we can only look at the Org structure for people I have interacted with on Skype, Outlook, or Teams. I search of a person that I've not interacted with and in the search my 'person' text just turns red. Any thoughts?orgissue.PNG


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I have tested this in my Teams tenant and can search for everyone in my organisation using the /org command


Can you check in the Teams Admin Centre and see if you have scoped directory search enabled? This will show you how to look for it? If you want to search for all users in your organisation this would need to be disabled




Hope that answers your question. Let me know how you get on


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Checked Admin Center and we had/have the scoped search already disabled 





Hmmm, interesting!

A few things to check

1.) Does this occur in the web client (https://teams.microsoft.com) as well as the desktop client?
2.) In the Teams Admin Centre in Org Wide Settings > Teams Settings is Show Organization tab in chats turned on? I am thinking this could be linked - it may not, but it would be good to understand this. This article suggests that /org is linked to visibility of org charts http://skype4businessinsider.com/microsoft-teams/use-teams-slash-commands-come/

Have you thought about using the /who username command too?

Best, Chris

Best, Chris
Yes, Show Org Tab is 'On'
I had the same result using web version.
The workaround I found is to create a new Chat message and search the person. We are able to find them this way. Once that is done, then go back to the Search bar and /org and type the name again. They can then be found and their Org Details are available. That's just a handful of extra steps !
Great, glad that has worked out for you!

Best, Chris
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