Oracle Eloqua integration for Teams webinars

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Would like to see Microsoft add or support an integration with Oracle Eloqua for Teams Webinars, as our Marketing team needs this integration in order to fully migrate to Microsoft Teams for our customer facing events. They continue to use an antiquated (competitor) platform because it does have the Eloqua integration.


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Hi @riefjason  I see that you submitted a request for this feature in the Feedback Portal a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps there are lots of members of this community who are interested in the same thing and will upvote on the item: Oracle Eloqua integration for Teams Webinars · Community (

@Therese_Solimeno, I wonder if there is a roadmap for an Eloqua integration with Teams Live? We are an MS Teams shop and have to maintain legacy webinar integrations because Eloqua powers email automation and lead scoring across all lead gen campaigns including webinars.