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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Optional attendee automatically added in every invitation to external recipient

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Hi gyus an ladies

 I am using Microsoft Teams for Mac and an internal colleague is automatically added , as an optional attendee , to each meeting I create with external recipient .

Do you have any idea ?



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No it is not . 

I thought about it too, but in the end it happens in every invitation to an external recipient .


Thanks for the reply

Yes the same behavior with web browser ! 

@NickTheo Are you sure this hasn't been configured in some way? Just happened one day? What if you delete both contacts and re-add them.


@adam deltinger ever heard about this for a non-channel meeting?

I am not sure if there is an option about this . I have not made any relevant adjustment in the Teams environment .

The end-user is not sure if that was happening if this problem occurred from the beginning of the Teams implementation

We are not choosing the participants from the address book . We try to type the address manually but we had the same behavior




How does the user account/accounts look like? (AAD/M365 admin portal)

Its an AD user that has been synchronized to O365 through AD connect .@ChristianBergstrom 

It has not a specific role in O365 , just user

No accidental proxyaddress/alias somewhere?

No proxy or alias

But i have to remind that is a MacOS @ChristianBergstrom 

Oh, right. Mac. Never used one ☺️


Invite from Teams app Mac OS -> Attendee added automatically

Invite from Teams site ( Mac OS -> Attendee added automatically

Invite from Teams site ( Windows OS -> Attendee not added automatically

Invite from Teams app iPhone -> Attendee not added automatically


I will proceed to full uninstall in Teams app ( Mac ) and I will post the results

Dear guys we had a call with Microsoft support and the end-user and the problem seems to be solved .

The Microsoft technician said that they made an action to the Tenant to solve the issue . I am not sure if the issue solved permanently because it was not possible to have a respond from the unwanted participant ( optional participant )