Option to show more people when they are NOT showing video?

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In some larger team meetings it's not uncommon for most/all of the team to have video off.  Is there any way to get Teams to show more of the non-video participants?  I know there's large gallery mode, but it's restricted to video users only.  I don't care that it's just their picture or icon, I'd like to see their name/box on-screen and the corresponding highlight when talking. As it is, you need to open the sidebar to see all the participants once the meeting goes over about 10 or so, even though there's plenty of screen space. Also, even in a mixed meeting with only some with video, I'd prefer the option to see the non-video members treated like video (for on-screen placement).

This seems like a huge oversight as not everyone wants their video on for every call, and they just get shunted to the side as if non-important.

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