Opening in teams a PPT from another Teams PPT

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I am trying to open within Teams a PPT presentation from another PPT presentation which is also in Teams.

I have tried to get the link from the PPT Presentation I want to open, but whenever I click on it it opens the browser and directs me to the SharePoint page. I would like to open it within the Teams App. Is there a way to do that?

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Martin Caron

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Hi @Martin_Caron,

If you have access to the SharePoint site the other PPT presentation lives in, can you take the SharePoint URL the other PowerPoint lives in and then add the other SharePoint site as a tab in the Team channel, then open it that way?

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Thank you for your answer. 

The thing is I have all my different powerpoints presentations in the file tab of my Teams Channel, and I have a powerpoint that is kind of doing the summary of all the files that are available in the files tab. And there are a lot of files. That's why I had a summary files and I wanted it to open the rest of the files. 

That's why I wished to know if there were a way to open the files directly from other files within Teams.

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Ah, now I get you

At the moment it's not possible as when you copy the link to the document you can see that this is sharepoint based so it'll trigger a browser session to open in SharePoint.

There are multiple uservoices open for this including

I would recommend you vote to push this up the agenda. Hopefully they will pick this one up in the future. I know of someone who ran into this issue and then added all the powerpoints as Tab and used Tab links: but this can get messy and you could end up having dozens of tabs

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi again @Christopher Hoard 


Thank you for your feedback, at least now I know what's possible and what's not :)