Open Salesforce for Incoming PSTN Calls in Browser

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Was checking how the feature of opening incoming PSTN Calls in Browser works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (see the two short videos under Open Dynamics 365 in Browser for incoming PSTN Calls in Microsoft Teams)


And was wondering how should the process look like for Salesforce?

Have you been through the same process before? If yes, how did you make it work?

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Can you check the feature under the Calling Policies if that would suffice your requirements. In the Teams Admin Center > Under Voice > Calling Policies > Global Policy > Last Option to Open a URL when incoming calls are received.

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@RealTime_M365 What is the URL that is needed in order to search by phone number, i can't find anything anywhere on this. I have tried the following: 


none of them work...Thoughts?

I tried too to open salesforce URL with "open apps in browser for incoming pstn calls", it seems Salesforce with lightning are using base64 URL.
You need to find a way to convert the URL request. I was wondering if with power automate if this is a possibility.

Forgot to update, but asked the question on Reddit, and got this reply


> I can’t seem to find any documentation for Salesforce integration except for this short video where if you pause it on the URL they paste into the TAC, the syntax is: 




> I don’t use Salesforce, or have any familiarity with its products so I don’t know if that will work for you. Setup seems minimal though if you wanted to test it.

@goncaloperes I saw it too but salesforce url looks like this (

I guess the base64 is the phone request{phone}

 and Salesforce support said they are not concerned with this... Users have to manage this themselves.

I'm still looking for a solution.