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We recently transitioned into an open office setup that has a large TV that overlooks a workspace. I have tasked myself with finding the best way to conduct Teams meetings by utilizing that TV and a webcam that would sit on top of it. Currently, we're using Teams as a chat app and Slack competitor, not so much for calling or conferencing capabilities so I'm not that well versed into the best practices for this. 


Basically, I want anyone to be able to control the webcam on top of the TV and make that the dominate picture, so that anyone on the meeting could see the group. Does this make sense?


We have a mix of Macs and PCs and I can buy anything I need to do this (within reason pricewise). 



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The Meeting Owl by OwlLabs is easy to use and works with all major conferencing providers.


It will automatically focus on users as they speak and you can also lock onto a particular position is required.


Meet the Meeting Owl


Thanks but USB is no go.