Open invite to Microsoft TEAMS meetings

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Is it possible to create a TEAMS meeting and have it be an open invitation so that anyone interested in receiving information on a topic can join the meeting...both inside organization and external organization participants?  Or do you have to invite specific people through an outlook invite?  I hope my question makes sense!


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@tpena1355 With the right settings regarding the "Meeting Policy" of your organization and in the settings for the meeting itself, the answer is Yes.

You can read more detailed info about this here: Manage meeting policies for participants and guests - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


@tpena1355 So long as your meeting invitation options and permissions are set correctly as @MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile stated, then you'll be able to copy the hyperlink from the meeting invitation and paste it into any newsletter, mailshot, or other preferred delivery method. You must obviously invite at least one person to the meeting in order to schedule the meeting and generate the invite.


We use Yammer heavily where I work, and if I'm running a Lunch & Learn session on something optional, I like to advertise it there with the meeting link and description in addition to or in place of the mail invite that goes out. Sounds like a similar use case.