Open an Existing Group Chat via URL or Deep Link

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I am attempting to open an existing Group Chat via a URL or Deep Link.  I've read info about creating a chat via a URL but not navigating to an existing Chat.  We plan to reuse an existing group chat room and would like to provide users a URL via an email to join or simply view the discussion from the existing Group Chat.  Can this be done?  How do i determine or construct the URL of the Group Chat Room?

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Hi, use this and add the parameter topicName


Edit, worked just fine when I tried.



@ChristianJBergstrom I should have mentioned this.  We'd like to use these chat rooms with open ended users.  Mean that the room is used over and over by responders of an incident and the responders vary from chat to chat.  We plan to have a pool of rooms and round robin thru them as incidents occur.


The command that you mentioned seems to require a static list of users.  It seems to be trying to open a new chat for me.

Okay, never encountered that scenario and as far as I know you need to add users with deep links to chats.
Hi, I suppose you can develop a bot app that can add the user into the required group chat with chat histories by graphAPI, but you should consider more regarding the security and data protection. since once the app has permission to add anyone into any chat group. then the chat history will open for anyone.

the problem is that this method is onetime use.
While you left this chat and try to get back using same link with emails and chat name you will create or chat launcher will create another chat with same groups and same chant name, but with different deeplink-id.
And that would be a question, how to get back to once created chat using link, not asking this chat's members to draw you back.
I tell you what we need that for. Previously we used Slack, and there we have channels with straight ID identification. Teams have channels also, but is heavily restricted in terms of numbers of channels per team.

Any more suggestions about how to use links to enter chat?

Hi Artur, our application needs the exact same functionality to open existing groupchat via deep link.

I created an enhancement request if you want to upvote it or add comments.