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Only some guests seem to be able to gain access to meetings- they get the "contact the organiser" message. I tested this with 2 personal Yahoo accounts with no problems. I tried a Gmail account and the guest could not enter. I tried with 2 College students' Outlook accounts but they couldn't enter. External Outlook account could not enter however another Company Outlook account could. These guests have not had any issues with anyone else - only me.  I have looked at all settings and even tried using the Web browser instead of the App but it didn't make a difference. Any ideas as to what is going on?

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@Cponk Hi, first thing that comes to mind is a Teams setting that is called "Anonymous users can join a meeting" being disabled. And that the accounts you're testing with that works are either guests or federated in your org. But as you're the only one experiencing this (?) it doesn't seem likely. Perhaps you just need to sign out and back in manually to refresh things. Try reproduce from another user/colleague to see the outcome.

@ChristianBergstromThanks for your reply. "Perhaps you just need to sign out and back in manually to refresh things." Would the fact that I signed in via the browser not rule this out? I have since discovered that if I add the guest to a Team first and then invite them to a meeting it works? :thinking_face:

@Cponk Hello, well not necessarily as you usually are signed in everywhere..


As for the other part. When you're inviting them to join the team they are no longer anonymous users, so I think I'll go with my first guess in the previous reply.


Add guests to a team in Teams - Office Support (

@ChristianBergstrom success. Your first guess was correct and "Anonymous users can join" was not ticked. All is working now. Thank you very much.

@Cponk Glad to hear it got sorted! Would you mind checking the reply as "best response" for future reference (the one you feel is the better one). Thanks!