Only people with access to this org can join its meetings

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We moved to Teams Only mode two weeks ago and now we have problems with Teams meetings with some organizations. Everything is configured using this checklist:
But still for some reason when we try to have a Teams meeting with them the users get this error message:
"Only people with access to this org can join its meetings. If you have an account with access to this org, sign in with that account. Otherwise, contact the meeting organizer."

The meetings were scheduled from Outlook. What could cause this?

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@thelouisroy  There is an option in Admin re allowing external users. I can not remember the exact wording. It keeps being turned off when MS update Teams!

@zandybear brilliant, I'll look for it. Thanks bud.

I too have just started to look at this issue.
To mee this seems to be a bug. As @Tech Logic linked too, MS states there is a difference between Anonymous and Guest users. The option being mentioned here to fix the issue shouldn't have any effect on Guest users, only Anonymous.
MS recommends having that option set to No to block anonymous, but the whole point of a collaboration suite is to collaborate. Given Guest accounts are 'linked' to your Azure AD they should be treated separately.

Has anyone been able to setup Teams to block Anonymous but allow guest accounts?

@Tomas_S hello, I know this thread is old but I am facing the same issue. Strangely enough, I am the only one in my organization facing this issue. External attendees are unable to join my meetings (scheduled by me). Nobody else is affected. Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thank you

Thank you for this post/reply. After working for years Guest access stopped and it was only by switching on "Anonymous users can join a meeting" did our Teams meetings start to work again.

I think the terminology is not helping here as a Guest in the context of a meeting is not the same as Guest to the AAD and why this error is popping up.

My interpretation is it is an anonymous user as far as AAD is concerned not as far as the meeting itself is concerned. It would help in the Guest settings to have the function of Anonymous users described as another level such as non AAD registered users can join a meeting or something.

Took hours to found this solution over a week elapsed as well as users finding alternative meeting solutions as the majority of our MS Teams meeting are with external participants.



Hi Can you write me the steps, how I can fix this problem, I tried to solve it, but because of this i missed one of my meeting...



This is what you need to enable.


I disabled this last week and it broke all external invites.  Even though the docs says this is for anonymous users only ie those not logged into teams it broke every external user.  Set it back few minutes later all good again.


The other setting others have talked about is you can enable your organisation to only talk to specific external domains if that is set. Then it would only have worked for users in those listed domains. If you talk to lots of different external orgs you need to leave this open really. or it's a full time job for someone just looking after that list of allowed domains.


Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 11.06.14.png

I have this exact problem with only one external user. I have checked every possible setting (in AAD, SharePoint and Teams), and everything is configured according to the tips in this thread.
I have only one external user experiencing this issue. All other external users can join meetings.
There must be something I'm missing. Please help.
To whom it may concern:
The solution was to enable: "Meeting Policies" -> "Participants & guest" -> "Let anonymous people join a meeting" -> "On"

@Tomas_S   Where do I find the message allow annonymous users? It is when you set up the meeting? Please provide clear details. 



No.  It's not when you set the meeting up.  You have to go into teams admins and change the policy for your tenant to allow this.  It implies in the documents that disabling guest login only disables it for users not logged into teams and just using it to click on links, but I find it blocks everyone external to your group so has to be on.


Meeting Policies

select the global org one unless you have lots of custom ones

Scroll down to participants and guests.

Then enable Let anonymous users join meetings.  I don't turn on let them start a meeting.



We're currently experiencing the same problem - all external users are being prevented from joining meetings.


I have checked:

  • Users - external access - allowing external access for all domains, teams accounts not managed by an org.
  • Meetings - meeting policies - allowing anonymous users etc.
  • Meetings - meeting settings - allowing anonymous users etc.

Still, no luck adding external users to calls. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Also, Microsoft really need to sort out consolidation of organisational settings and their awful admin UI. It shouldn't be this difficult to administer something so simple.