Only meeting organizers can make changes (Shared Mailbox)

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When a user creates a new meeting from a shared mailbox calendar (Outlook), it seems they can't edit the Teams meeting options.


When they do, they face the following error: "Only meeting organizers can make changes"

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Hi psantus,

If you open the meeting in the shared mailbox's calendar, scroll down to meeting options the user should be able to assign him/herself co-organizer enabling all meeting options
How do you suggest I do that?


You can do that only from the meeting options... which you can't reach if the meeting organizer is a shared mailbox 



I had the same issue when I tried to access meeting options using a "Meeting options" link in a meeting invitation. (Actually I see the same error message also for meetings I create using my mailbox, not a shared mailbox...)


I struggled, but in the end I could access the options using the "Meeting Options" button in the ribbon bar in Outlook.

Do you see the button in your Outlook?

Does anyone know if Microsoft allow a shared mailbox to host Microsoft Teams meetings ?
Our users wish to manage the meeting options but get message "Only meeting organisers can make changes"

Microsoft can you advise?
We've got this issue currently. Want to create a meeting from the shared mailbox. This is working fine. Invite goes out. However, the user creating the invite demonstrated the same 'only meeting organisers can make changes' when they went in via Teams app or Outlook ribbon button.
I actually didn't think you can send out from a shared mailbox. I thought the Team were copying and pasting a link.
Is there a proven method for this using shared mailboxes that I am missing?

@ricl Its been confirmed with Microsoft in the last 24hrs that meeting options for teams' meetings from a shared mailbox are not accessible by the mailbox delegates.
"As discussed, this a product limitation right now and Microsoft is working towards its resolution"


Ah... Thank you for the response, much appreciated. Did you log that with them or is that in any documentation I can share wider at all?
This was logged as a support ticket in M365 Admin Centre - confirmed on 18/10/22 15:13hrs.
Ah, ok. Many thanks for coming back to me Shaun :)
Sorry to hear that the "Meeting Options" button in the ribbon bar didn't work for ricl.
As I mentioned on October 5th, I can access the meeting options (only) via the button in Outlook.
By specifying myself as a co-organizer in the options, I can succesfully see and download an attendance report of a meeting hosted via a shared mailbox.
Maybe I'm just lucky... I think for some people worth trying.
I'm using Microsoft 365.
I have tried on 3 tenants so would be good to know the secret key. :)
the best experience is create meeting from your account, copy the whole meeting info to shared account

in short, make sure meeting organizer is you, instead of shared account, otherwise "Only meeting organizers can make changes" must happens

the workaround for this delegation operation only works in outlook, OWA can't.
or, for sure you can always give shared account a Teams license and log on directly

it's very complicate and no official MS doc for this, so even you totally get how to handle this, still don't think end user need to know this as they never good enough to handle tech thing

@Shaun Smith Hi, is it still in the Admin Center? Cant find it!

Hi @WOJE-Post, This was a support ticket in M365 admin centre not a message. 

Same as - unfortunately, doing this does not allow for a transcript to be deleted though - any idea on this? With retention of data rules etc, you would think this would be an option for a co-organizer but appears not.

Still on this.. let's move to 23 with a solution, yes ?! :) 


My experience and also the owner of the shared mailbox - we can't access the Teams meeting options regardless of where we try.. Error is the same 



I'm having the same issue, I did find this post that explains the issue well.

To sum it up, Shared mailboxes are not licensed users, so they do not have access to modify settings for teams meetings even if they create the meeting. This is what causes the error to pop up.

However, you could make the shared mailbox a user and assign a license then it should work as it is then a licensed user creating the meeting.


Hopefully, Microsoft makes a way for us to use shared mailboxes to create teams meetings while still being able to modify the settings, but it's looking like that may not happen.