Only Mac Platform ? for Updated Web player for video & audio files

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We are waiting for releasing new web player for recording by Teams.

According to roadmap, the new version is only for Mac and has been released at September.
Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365


Do you have any plan for releasing new web plater for Windows ?
According to the following site, it is not only for Mac.
Play video and audio files across Microsoft 365




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I think is just a typo since we are talking about the new Web Video Player that is going to be ready for SharePoint Online, OneDrive For Business and Yammer as part of the Stream evolution. Since the Video Player is for the Web, the platform here is not so important as long as a modern web browser is used
If "Mac platform" is typo, anyone has new Web Video Player as describe at

Our tenant has not new Web Video Player.
My focus point is to change playback speed. I guess new Web Video Player supports to change playback speed(ie. x0.5 x1.5 x2.0)
It seems that our tenant has new Web Video Player but there are no playback speed menu and can not use keyboard shortcut.
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Eventually this function bas been released to our tenant on January 2022.