Ongoing high CPU usage in video calls

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Is there any timescale for when the high CPU usage is going to be fixed in Teams?  This has been going on for over a year and really kills battery life on laptops.


It is mainly an issue when in video calls and forces the CPU to run at a much higher rate.



I've seen lots of discussions about it online with suggestions such as clearing cache, not using hardware acceleration, etc. but so far haven't been able to improve things.  I'm using the latest version Windows 10 and Teams version (64-bit). 

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@ediflyer Can't really add much about when this will be "fixed" (I feel your pain!), but I expect that the native client which will be built into Windows 11 (aka "Teams 2.0") has fixes in this area. Somehow I also have the feeling that this new version of the client will be made available as a download for existing Windows 10 users - at least I hope so :)

@pvanberlo - thanks, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that in Win 11 too!
Apologies for the bad news here, but the new Teams client that will come in Windows 11 is just for Teams for consumer and there are no news about having a new Teams native client for the enterprise

@Juan Carlos González Martín ah darn, that's annoying. Even worse if you then have the personal one pre-installed yet still have to download a separate Enterprise version. That seems bonkers!  Does anyone from Microsoft post or look at discussions here???

Didn’t read that part. Pretty sad. Why not confuse everyone even more with even more Teams clients…