OneNote Not Updating in Teams or Sharepoint.

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I'm having an issue in Teams and OneNote. Specifically, I have a OneNote that's shared as a tab within a Team. Changes have been made from within OneNote App on a Team Member's computer. Some, but not all, of those changes are displayed when accessing the OneNote via Teams. This issue persists even after a force refresh is triggered. What's more odd, OneNote in the cloud is consistent with OneNote found in Teams Tab. Nothing suggests that the sync isn't working from the user's OneNote client app, yet only some of the changes make it to the cloud and Teams. No errors or unsynchronized notes messages come up. 


Can anyone help!?

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sort of same issue here.

- OneNote app and OneNote web is showing the correct (synced) content

- OneNote teams app for other team members is showing the correct (synced) content

- But my own onenote teams tab is showing old (not synced) content.

How can I force a resync of the OneNote teams tab?

@Roel Teeuwen - That's my EXACT situation. We can't be the only ones. 

@ParagonRob I thought I fixed it by manually deleting the OneNote tab from the teams channel and adding it again. That did the trick, but only one time, new changes after that are again not showing in the onenote tab (but are indeed showing in the onenote web and onenote 2016 desktop app)...


@ParagonRob @Roel Teeuwen We're also experiencing different issues with OneNote that can't really be explained. And it's frustrating, both from an end-user perspective and as an administrator. I'm afraid that raising a ticket with Microsoft Premier support isn't the solution either. But when reading about your specific problem I believe it's due to the extensive increase in use of cloud services with the following 'temporary feature adjustments' that's been made to select capabilities within Microsoft 365. These where published a month ago and for the OneNote part it said:


  • OneNote in Teams will be read-only for commercial and education tenants. To edit, please use OneNote for the web or the OneNote desktop app.
  • Download size and sync frequency of file attachments has been changed.
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@ParagonRob probably too late (I hope you got it resolved), but I noticed the same problem this morning.   To get it working again:

  1. go to the OneNote page in Teams (of the notebook that doesn't want to update)
  2. click the globe (top right -> go to website)
  3. chances are that you will need to log in (connection) which is already a sign that something is not ok
  4. if so: login
  5. then in that web window, go to the notebook that is not syncing
  6. it should also be not updated (compared to your OneNote app/desktop version)
  7. it may be that in a flash (about 1 or 2 seconds) you DO see the changes (eg added pages) but then they dissappear again.  Very odd.
  8. to get the sync up and running again, try to add a new page in the webversion... 
  9. it should reconnect...  and you should see the changes from your app/desktop coming in

 not sure if it will do the trick for you, but it did for me, as well as for a colleague of mine, who had the exact same problem.   I don't know WHY it was broken, and I don't know if my fix will be permanent.  I hope so

@Koen Daems I've run into the same issue. I did some playing around with the particular page open in multiple formats (Web-based, Desktop, and Teams) and while the Desktop would update without issue, I found the Web-based to be slow, and Teams to be unresponsive until I tried to make an update, whether it was adding a new row to a table or adding text, suddenly all of the updates from the other locations would refresh. FYI, your fix/workaround did work for me as well, albeit not ideal due to needing the workbook open in multiple windows.

@Koen Daems 

Worked for me too, thanks. Unfortunate we have to do this.

@DPasiechnyk thanks for the feedback.  The reason I opened explicitly so many windows, is that I use many different accounts in parallel (several customer and partner contexts).  To make sure I was actually looking/working in the proper books, with the proper accounts, I opened it that way.   If less manipulations is possible and works for you - top!  :thumbs_up:

Indeed, it shouldn't happen - but with OneNote there are quite a few situations in which sync is not fluid, or not fast enough. Really a shame. Working in the web-version is best guarantee for good sync - but then you loose a few functionalities that are super useful. It is what it is... I'm still grateful we have something like OneNote - albeit not (yet) perfect.

@Koen Daems I tried this method for our user in the hopes that it would work for us (seeing as it seemed to work for others), but we weren't as lucky. Some more tinkering around led me to see a new sync status error message in the OneNote 2016 app.


I checked the library and found that the 'Require Check Out' setting (under Versioning settings) was indeed enabled (I was a bit gobsmacked here, tbh. Perhaps someone other administrator went in to enable this).


Anyway, long story short, disabling the checkout requirement fixed the issue for us. On occasion, the OneNote tab in Teams may need to be "reloaded" to force display new changes, but other than that, there hasn't syncing hasn't been a problem anymore. I hope this can help others who still have this issue.