OneNote in Teams vs. Web and App

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We have a Word doc on the SharePoint site associated with our Teams channel. We have structured a tab in OneNote so that the doc opens by default in that tab when we open the OneNote notebook from within MS Teams. This does not happen when we open the notebook in the desktop app nor in the web version. Questions...


  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to mimic this behavior in the app or web versions so that the document automatically opens in that tab?
  2. If at all possible, we do not want to move the content of the Word doc and have it "reside" as a stored as a note in the OneNote notebook (due to formatting issues). Is anyone aware of other options? If not, we may move the Word doc content.

We have tried adding other apps to the OneNote to use for the content, but could not find a good solution that did not require IT admin approval.


Thank you!

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Can you give us some more details about how you've added the Word document into OneNote and how you're opening it? Some screenshots may help.

Hi @HelloBenTeoh - thank you for your reply. We opened the OneNote notebook in Teams via the channel, created a tab we named FAQs and then opened the Word doc within that tab and opened the document from the SharePoint folder. Whenever we access the notebook from within Teams the Word doc automatically displays. Opening the notebook via browser or desktop app just shows a blank screen.


It seems to be consistently working via Teams and we can convert the document and put the contents in a OneNote note if we need to. Was just wondering if there was an easy workaround. Will need to duplicate in a test notebook to display screenshots.


Thanks again for your reply.

Hey @Verna1908, I've tried to replicate the same issue but it seems to be working for me.


I'd suggest trying a different link to the document (e.g. Copy Link dialog from SharePoint) to see if that helps?


Here are the steps I took:

  • Added the OneNote tab to a channel
  • Chose to create a new Notebook
  • Created a new Word document in the channel files
  • Used the "Copy link" option to create a link to the Word doc with "People with existing access can use the link" permissions
  • Pasted the link into a Notebook page
  • Tested the link:
    • In OneNote tab
    • In OneNote (browser)
    • in OneNote (desktop)
    • Link pasted in browser
    • All opened the file in the Word Online browser

Thank you @HelloBenTeoh