OneNote error 30108 in Teams

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For the past few days, users in our environment have been reporting an issue accessing or adding a OneNote tab in Teams channels, or opening their personal OneNote notebook within Teams.

They receive the following error message:

"Sorry, we had trouble getting your notebooks.
Error Response: OneDrive for Business for this user account cannot be retrieved.
Error Code: 30108"




I can recreate the error with my own account, and it appears to be tenant wide.  Even our DEV tenant gives the same error when trying to add a OneNote tab.

This occurs in both the Teams Desktop App and Web App.


We are a GCC Tenant, and do have OneDrive setup for all our users.

The work around I have been having user do is going to their files tab in teams and opening the notebook directly from their OneDrive.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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@OLM_Dan Past entries in this community indicate that the issue resolved itself on its own, but I also found this old post from OneNote Importer Error 30108 - Microsoft Community


Thanks for the replay.
Yes, I did also find some similar post from others (not all exactly the same).



One thread did say it resolved "magically", back in Aug of 2021.
The other points to OneDrive not being setup for a user.

I can confirm my OneDrive, as well as others, have been setup and working for a while.
I did follow the step suggested in one post anyhow and logged into my OneDrive drive from the web app, and then to my OneNote from the WebApp.
When I try to create a new Notebook in OneNote, I get a message that my OneDrive is not set up.
"Your OneDrive is not set up
Before you can use OneNote, first you need to go set up your OneDrive."


I clearly have OneDrive setup and even other OneNote Notebooks saved to OneDrive already.



It would be great if it resolved itself on its own, but that's not a great answer to give my customers.



Just wanted to add, other Web Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have not issues saving new documents to OneDrive.

best response confirmed by Therese_Solimeno (Moderator)

I ended up opening a Service Request ticket in our M365 portal.
After working with a Microsoft support engineer on the issue, collecting logs, screenshots, and recordings of the behavior, this morning the issue is resolved.
I am waiting to hear back from the support agent on what the fix was from their side. I will update this thread when I have more info.



I received the official resolution from the Microsoft Agent.
"the issue was just a one off (more like a glitch in some tenants) , This support line is a break and fix team and do not provide Root Cause Analysis on issues."