Onenote does not work for external users in Teams

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although we have been using Onenote integration in Teams quite happily for some time, we have encountered an issue - content od Onenote card in a team is not working for external users. That happens even in teams where we are pretty sure that external users were previously able to view content of particular Onenote card.

NB, it seems that internal/company users have no difficulties in viewing it. Actually, I think it works even faster now.

Do you know what could be the problem?

Here is a screenshot of the bug and the error log:

"SessionId: d8d9de8f-3728-4d91-bed8-f455a00aa935

Thu, 24 Sep 2020 08:21:19 GMT




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Hello @hirshman   I'm going to share a past post from this community to see if the conversation is relevant for you:


I can't find any evidence that this issue was reported to our Uservoice feedback forum so if you're inclined, I encourage you to do that.

@ThereseSolimeno  Thx, it looks like similar bug described in the post you mentioned. However, wasnt solved yet, though I reported it on Uservoice, here: