On my new macbook incoming screenshares are very low quality (for me only)

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I've been trying to search for an answer but I'm not sure what keywords to use, so let me know if this is a duplicate of other threads or solves on this forum. 


Recently I was sent a new laptop from work as the keyboard on my 2018 Macbook Pro died. The new one is the M1 2021 Macbook Pro on Monterey 12.2.1. When I fired up teams for a meeting, the quality my incoming screenshares is awful and basically illegible if the sharer doesn't zoom to at least 150%. I seem to be the only person experiencing this on calls. Testing with my co-workers I have discovered the following things:

1. It is only me who experiences this low quality within meetings with multiple people from my work

2. Different computers within my network can get onto the calls and see the screen fine

3. It was fine on my previous work laptop and i had used both on my home network within the same calendar day

4. My down / up speeds were 600/100 mbps during this testing, so it isn't network latency

5. Incoming video / webcam feeds are fine or the same as before, it is only for screenshared content


I've tried with the GPU acceleration on and off with no difference, and can't seem to find any other settings within teams I can alter to try and troubleshoot. Are their mac specific settings I should be altering to try and resolve this? Any feedback or assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Yes. I am also experiencing this strange behaviour. It started when I changed my laptop from a macbook pro i9 to a M1. It could also be related to the SO. The i9 had BigSur and the M1 has Monterey. Any idea how to solve it?

What's the behavior on teams web?
If your team is using NDI and enabled for your account. Please Turn ON NDI in teams settings-App permissions.
I can reply with my experience. Teams web has normal videoquality for incoming screenshare.