On Mac, when switching between desktops to select teams app, it wouldn't be the active window.

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On Mac, If I have teams app on a different desktop than the current one and when I do cmd+tab to select the teams app, it would take me to that desktop but teams app wouldn't be the active window and further I have to click with the mouse to make it the active window (or I have to cmd+tab to another app in the same desktop as teams and one more cmd+tab to teams to make it active) is painful.


Kindly fix it. 

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Hello @rajashekar007   If you'd like to give feedback on Teams, please go to the Teams Uservoice feedback forum where the engineers can take note:

Hi @ThereseSolimeno, This is not a new feature. This is simply a bug and needs to be fixed and comes in the way of being productive.

@rajashekar007   The Uservoice site is where bugs are reported, as well as new feature requests.

Hi i am facing the same issue and im sure thousands more are.

This bug has been an extremely big hindrance to productivity. Since Teams is probably the most used app in a day, this bug is wasting at least half hour of my extremely demanding workday, not to mention the awkwardness i have to face during the meetings when im presenting something.

@ThereseSolimeno Please help. 

I know from one of my users that the issue is still present, in Sept 2021. MS has announced they are moving away from UserVoice:

TechCommunity is one of the recommended alternatives.
Please get this addressed. The issue is the same when clicking on the MS teams icon in the dock. The first click only shows the MS Teams menu bar. I need to click it again to get it to switch desktops. This is the only app i have with this behavior and it is extremely confusing, and as everyone else has state eats into my productivity.

Looks like they are least bothered, so switched to web app @aaparr1840 

To add to this behavior the fist attempt to take focus will give you the menu bar. And if you do something like select Preferences from the MS Teams menu the desk top will not switch. The preferences are displayed on top of the app on a different desktop. You keep selecting Preferences and you think it is broken or not responding until you switch desktops and see that the preferences were displayed.

I switched to M1 as there is no native app, I'm happy with the web app :)

please fix this Microsoft. It's the pits not being able to use Teams when you run multiple desktops. 


Cant CMD+TAB to teams when running multiple desktops. Every other program works great. Just teams as it has a second, transparent notification window. Even if you run MAC native notifications. Please. Please.

It's farcical that this STILL isn't fixed. I'm going to get my company to switch to Slack just because of this.