On Assignment, returned count changes from reflected turned in to number returned.

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Possible bug, does anyone else see this?

Team setup with education template, has assignments with with varying amounts of students having turned turned in, and various numbers being returned to students.


On the Assignments tab, for each assignment it show info like "21/24 turned in, X returned" where X is initially is the number turned in, but after clicking on assignment, then the back but it changes to the number returned.

i.e if there was 24 students, 21 having turned in the assignment, and 17 returned to student it would initially show "21/24 turned in, 21 returned" then after entering assignment and clicking back it shows "21/24 turned in, 17 returned" 

The update only happens to each assignments entered, and if leave/return to Assignments tab the numbers revert to initial values.

Happens in app and web.

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** Update. Checked more, the changing numbers are not turned in vs returned, they are returned with return date listed vs not listed. See screen shot