Office 365 ProPlus - Teams Client missing / different O365 versions

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Hello everyone,


i'm experiencing the following two problems while deploying office 365 ProPlus within intune:


1. When deploying my default O365 AppSuite the client is receiving this just as expected, but the teams client is missing after installation. Of course i ticked the checkbox "Teams" in the blade "Configure App Suite" ;) The Installation state is succesful.


2. I try to differntiat between some Office 365 ProPlus Installations:

First: A basic package "O365 ProPlus Semi-Annual Channel"

- Access, Excel, OneDrive Desktop, OneNote 2016, Outlook, PPT, S4b, Word, Teams

Second: A basic package "O365 ProPlus Monthly Channel"

- Access, Excel, OneDrive Desktop, OneNote 2016, Outlook, PPT, S4b, Word, Teams

Third: "Publisher Semi-Annual"

- only MS Publisher

Fourth: "Visio Semi-Annual"

- only MS Visio


The Installation of the default package (first one) via required is working.

When i try to publish the third and fourth package, either as available or required, this is not working.

1. Availability set to "available": it is'nt appearing in the company portal. (the first one shows up correctly)

2. Availability set to "required": Error Code (0x87D1041E) 

Regarding to the 2nd error i found this forum entry

Do you guys have any experiences with this? How do you deploy office via intune?

My thought at this was: Every user is getting the default programs via "required" setting. If a user needs publisher or visio he can download it via company portal ("available" setting for the belonging app package)


Thank you in advance. :)

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I deployed Teams separate as it’s own app via the MSI file. However it now Installs just fine via office but you have to be on the monthly ring since it hasn’t pushed to the others yet is why you might not be seeing it with the office only Install.

Once it gets pushed out to other rings you’ll Probably start to see it install. I would just put it out in its own package and you’ll be guaranteed install instead since there is no difference in the installed version.

@Chris Webb The hint with the channel was the one i was looking for. Thank you :)

As you suggested i'm going to use the MSI File instead.



It is not possible to publish two office packages to one device, as i initially thought.

So instead of having one "basic pack" and one pack "Publisher only" i'm going to use one "basic pack" and one "full pack". When a user/device needs the whole package, i'm going to uninstall the basic one and deploy the full one.