Office 365 end user training content delivered through Microsoft Teams


Through our partnership with Microsoft, we have deployed a new Microsoft Teams app that provides access to all Microsoft Office 365 end user training content directly within Microsoft Teams - through the VisualSP app.


The VisualSP Teams app is freely available in the Microsoft Teams app store here:


This video shows a step-by-step of how you can add the app to your own Microsoft Teams environment within a couple of minutes:

Provide hundreds of end user training videos and articles coming directly from Microsoft directly into Microsoft Teams to help your users.Microsoft produces ...
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We have found that there is a bug in the way Microsoft Teams handles uninstallation of apps. Unless you specifically supply a certain parameter, it doesn't let you uninstall an app. We have reported this to the Teams team now.

If you have downloaded our VisualSP Teams app, I highly recommend that you upgrade it please so you don't run into this issue. We wrote a support article to help with the upgrade process. Thanks.

Very interesting @Asif Rehmani and very usefull for the end-users



Jorge Gallego