O365 end user cannot chat in a specific Teams reoccuring meeting

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I have a strange issue with a reoccurring meeting in Teams. One of our end-users that is an attendee in the meeting can't chat, error message is "You can't send messages because you are not a member of this chat". All other participants can chat in this meeting and the end user is a member of our O365 tenant and can chat in all other Teams meetings and calls.

This issue occurs in the Teams fat client and Teams online. The actions I've tried to fix are:

1. removed the user from the meeting, then re-added to reoccurring meeting.

2. Signed the user out of Teams and sign back in (fat client and Teams online)

3. Joined the Teams meeting as an owner and added the user from the "Add People" icon in the meeting.


Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated.


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If this is a re-occuring channel meeting, keep in minds that the user needs to be a member of that Team in order to participate in the chat



Yeah, what Adam said, when this meeting was it setup using Teams and was a channel selected for the meeting? If so, then if this individual is not a member of the Team they will not be able to access the chat since the chat will take place inside a Team. A meeting needs to be setup without a channel and anyone will be able to then chat in the meeting.

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Hello Chris and thank you for your reply.


For clarification, the reoccurring meeting was initially set up from the organizer's Outlook, it is a Teams meeting but does not involve a "Teams" Team or Team channel. The organizer invited attendees that are a member of an Office 365 HR group, but the Office 365 HR group does not have a related "Teams" Team. 





Are they joining from Outlook or from Teams? If Outlook, try to tell them to join by going to Teams first, clicking Calendar and joining inside of Teams using the join button there, might help from them coming in anonymous or something like that via web.

@Chris Webb The end-user has joined from Teams directly, same issue with chat.

Outside putting in a ticket, only other thing I could think it could be, those users it's not working for might have a different messaging policy assigned to them? Would have to go to Teams admin, check users menu, and check the policies (Meeting / messaging) and make sure they match up to people that do work, it's possible they have the meeting chat disabled possibly and in that different policy?

If not that, then I'm not sure what else it could be since if it's not a channel meeting it should allow anyone to chat in it as that would be the only other thing which you checked besides policy that would prevent it outside a bug in the system.
Thank you Chris. The user has the same Global org-wide setting as other users that can chat in the meeting. I will open a case with MS.