Number of unread chats etc. not showing on the taskbar icon.

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In Teams, when you had unseen chat messages, the number of them appeared on the Teams icon in the taskbar. I changed to the New Team and this is not showing. It's annoying because I am missing time-bound chats by not seeing them. I also don't see the option any more to change back to the old Teams where this feature worked. I haven't touched any notification function in Teams itself or my laptop in general. How do I get these numbers on the new Teams, or how do I change back to the old version? Or is there another fix?



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I understand that you want get the numbers of unread chat on the new Teams or you change back to the old teams.

Please note that the New Teams version is still in development and not yet performing to its full potential, Microsoft is working on improving the UI to make it clearer for customers however to roll back to the old teams, you can revert by turning off the toggle at the top of Teams as shown in the photo below.



Otherwise, you can turn off Public preview by clicking on the ellipsis beside your profile photo > About > uncheck "Public preview"

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Unfortunately, as posted here: , Microsoft has for some reason removed the connection between Teams and Windows for notifications. The page specifically says:

What features are changing?

As we improved the client, the experience also improved to align with similar features. Here are some of the changes you see.

Classic TeamsNew Teams

Post level notifications within a channel

Users can no longer opt in or opt out of receiving notifications at a channel post level.

Windows notifications

Teams notifications are now fully served from Teams and all notifications preferences are handled within Teams Settings.


I don't know why Microsoft considers this an "improvement", but since fixing this isn't on their roadmap, the only thing we can do is send feedback and complaints to try to get their attention on this.






I 100% agree with this post.  I would like to see the number of unread messages displayed on my taskbar.  Otherwise I will miss messages.  I switched back to the old version of teams until this is fixed. Hopefully soon??  Is this on the roadmap?


thank you!

We have created a master ticket in the feedback portal for this. Please consider signing in, upvoting and commenting on it. The only way to get this on the roadmap is to get this feedback item boosted up enough that Microsoft sees it's a priority.