Number of members in private channel not syncing with other owners

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Hello community,
I had to add a lot of people in a private channel in my team so I used powershell to do this. I used "1.1.3-preview" of the MS Teams Module ( which is not the latest ). When I make other people as an owner of that channel, they see different number of members. For eg: If I have 3 owners A, B, C, A sees X members, B sees Y members, C sees Z members. After re-logging the numbers change but sometimes they are still wrong. I tried to search about this but couldnt find any fix. Is this any issue from my side ? If so what is the fix for this. P.S: This is happening for some channels and other channels are completely fine.

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@sasmitBiceps I'll guess that it'll fix if you give it 48hrs. When you add members via PowerShell they are being added to the M365 group, and a replication happens into the Teams service which is rather unpredictable. The Teams client also caches bits of data, so each probably took a cache at different points. It'll all sort out, and for the definitive number look at the M365 group's membership.