Notifying new members that they have been added to a team or channel

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How can I notify (by email) the team members who were added to a team or channel? Also, could you share with me a simple guideline to help them manage their notifications. My team members are all new to Teams and I want to simplify the process as much as possible. Therefore, I want an automated notification that they have been added to a team or channel, and other notifications on: Mention, or new private message.


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Default new members receive an email saying that they’ve been added to the Team, with a link etc..

Also by default notifications are set for mentions,” and chat : banner and email

@adam deltinger Do you know if the deault langage of this email is always English or does it take the settings of your Language in Teams? 


Thank you in advance!

Is there an option to turn this off until I’m done setting up the team and channels. Then send one mass update? Also, is there a way to add email addresses too instead of typing each name?