Notifications persist despite Focus Assist / Quiet Hours being set on Windows 10

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As the title suggests, even if a user selects 'Focus Assist' any messages from Teams will still display a toast popup. Is there any further configuration that can be done to inhibit this occuring? A number of my colleagues and I often use Focus Assist during presentations to remove the necessity to close everything that might interrupt. 

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Support for focus assist is coming in the very near future. But currently you best bet is to disable notification. You can use do not disturb to keep notifications away but it’ll turn back by itself after you go away automatically so it’s not a fool proof way. The whole presence engine needs worked on. But hopefully they release the focus assist and s lot of other things with out of office etc very soon.

any update on this? very annoying that notifications keep coming during meetings when I am screen sharing and have focus hours on thinking it will mute teams.

If you have contact group updates and the presence updates (Out of Office purple status showing for people) then Do Not Disturb works great for meetings and blocks the notifications now until they tie it directly to Focus Assist.

8 months since this post, 2 years since this issue was originally identified, and still no fix.

"Support for focus assist is coming in the very near future."


@Deleted - Any update on this?  When listening in to a call but not having focus on Teams, you can get absolutely spammed with notifications for chat from the meeting. This keeps happening even with Focus Assist on. When will Teams respect Focus Assist?

No clue, lots of things that were supposed to be soon have been MIA lately. Hoping for a big in your face release will all this stuff or something.

Anyway, make use of Do Not Disturb when you are in meetings, it will keep notifications from popping up. Just have to remember to enable it.


Still experiencing the exact same issue as discribed above initially.


MS Teams is the ONLY application I have that does not respect "Do not disturb" in Windows 10, even though it is a Microsoft application... 


Any update on an upcoming fix? 


Up! Have exactly same issue, while presenting and focus assist ON Teams is the only app disturbing witn notification. Sam thing happens with Gaming. Really disappointed it is not being solved in course of 2 years

There are quite a few threads on the User Voice already.


The one below is the one I found with the most votes.


I voted, and everyone here should consider voting as well.



Looks like this is still an issue that was never resolved. What's the point of having a Focus Assist feature if it doesn't assist in focusing? I'm still getting Teams pings even I've set notifications to Priority Only or Alarms Only. We don't need a workaround, We need the actual feature to be fixed.

@Kyle Igarashi it looks like the latest version of teams FINALLY solves this issue :) we now have the choice in settings to use "teams-style" or windows native notifications. If you choose windows style, then it will no longer bypass your focus assist.