Notifications on recurring meetings

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The situation I'm running into is:

  1. There is a recurring teams meeting
  2. I join one instance of the recurring meeting.
    1. This appears to mark me as "having attended the meeting."
  3. I don't attend later instances for whatever reason - I was only needed for one instance; it doesn't apply to me any longer, etc.
  4. I still get chat notifications that I don't want. I believe this is because I joined an instance (point #2)

I believe the workaround is for me to wait until I get one of the annoying chat messages, and then leave the meeting in the chat area of teams.


I'd prefer a new option for meeting chat notifications.

That option is "mute until I join or send a message to instance" or something similar, that would handle recurring meetings better. Or make this behavior the default for recurring meetings - don't send a notification until I join the instance or send a message to the instance.

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FYI my current notification setting is Mute until I join or send a message.
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The best place to put this is over at the Feedback portal: