Notifications not working on Windows 10


I have seen previous posts on this subject, but no solutions. Does anyone know of an update to this issue of users not getting banner notifications?


To test this, I have two users, one signed into the teams app on a windows 10 box, the other on a windows 8 box. Both users are following a channel. Alerts display fine for the user on the windows 8 box, but not the windows 10 box. This is true after logging out and logging in, putting  the users on the other box (so, the user who didn't get notifications on the win 10 box was able to get notifications on the win 8 box, and the user who got notifications on the win 8 box did not get them on win 10). 


The same thing happens when using the browser version of Teams.


Any suggestions on how to get banner notifications to work on Windows 10 for the Teams app?

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I don't understand how it would make a difference when using web version. Only thing I can think of check the user make sure they don't have their follow notification set in settings to feed only or something. But that really wouldn't explain why it would work on another machine unless somehow that setting was cached locally (you just logged out and in to teams on existing windows profile).

Correct, this is working on one machine, but it does not work for the same user (with therefore the same notification settings) on another machine. This is happening on quite a few windows 10 machines, so it's not isolated to one user. At this point, the recommendation to users is to put the Teams app on their phones, as the notifications work there. Though that's a kludge of a recommendation.

So, just an odd thought. Can you check the taskbar and see what "Status" or presence Teams is showing in while on the computer? Just wondering if anything on the machine is putting it in presenting mode/DND or something similar to how RDP can put you in busy mode and maybe it's preventing notifications?

Also check focus assist isn't on, but pretty sure Teams doesn't support this yet.

Banner notifications only trigger for chats you are not currently engaged in. This frequently plagues our users. Our work around has been to click on the T-Bot chat every time we aren't actively communicating.

 Is there a method to get banner's ALL THE TIME when Teams is minimized and someone sends matter who the last active chatter you selected is?


Notifications is definitely broken. I've received numerous complaints from users who don't see there is a new chat request\response because app is minimized and they are working on something else.





Not too my knowledge at this time. It absolutely seems like there is plenty of optimization to  be done on MS side regarding notifications. My work flow has been  the following:

Finish active chat. 
Select T-Bot chat and make it my active chat.

This seems to ensure I receive notifications properly, but is definitely  not ideal.

This is my workflow habit too ...but I sometimes forget to make T-Bot my active chat before navigating away from Teams, so definitely not an ideal solution.


@microsoft, please fix this!!

This notification issue is definitely preventing us from moving forward with this solution as a chat medium.  Absolutely silly and seems like it would be an easy fix.

I've heard from our IT department that MS is aware of it and is supposedly working on a resolution now. Not sure on time frame of course and I don't have a direct link to this issue, but hopefully its all in process.

Seeing same problem.  As far as I know, Teams notifications was working as expected yesterday.  Came into work this morning and coworker asked if I had seen some posts.  I had not because the Teams notification wasn't working.  Nothing on the task bar and no highlights in the "Teams" pane.  I rebooted a couple times, quit teams from the system tray and restarted, and confirmed my notifications in settings were turned on.  I asked a coworker to send a chat message.  I saw a brief red mark on the Teams icon on the task bar, then turned green with check mark.

This is a major issue. Lots of our users are missing messages - it's not working for me, although the T-Bot workaround seems to force things to show. Hoping for an urgent fix.
I've been looking around but can't find a "T-Bot workaround", can you share your workaround? Thanks!!
The bug is you get no notifications for the active window in Teams when you are off on another application. The T-Bot work around is, that after people read or respond to a chat, they click on t-bot so t-bot is now the active chat window, so that if the previous person replies they get a notification for it since they are not the active window t-bot is. Then repeat process every time they are going to navigate off Teams.

Mine started working again an hour after I posted.  Not sure what happened.

Hi All on this thread with the recent issue responses. A Patch seems to be rolling out that now corrects this issue. Check for updates and if you get the "restart to update" link then the issue should be fixed! Mine is working again after patch.

Thanks Christopher.  I noticed the issue again last night.  Seems to come and go.  When it occurs, it seems to misbehave for periods lasting around an hour.  Looking forward to the update.

In what build does this patch appear ?

Currently running : Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 8/28/18.


We are losing a lot of notifications because of this issue.

Before that build, not sure what build that is, wonder if they reintroduced the issue? Anyway, my client still showing .19xxx which has been working fine since the fix.

My Windows is Windows 10 Home 1803 installed 8/14/2018 OS build 17134.228.


I don't recall having problems in the past 2 weeks, so I'm guessing the problem is resolved for me.