Notifications No Longer On Top

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We have Microsoft Phone System, using Teams as the client device, and we use Teams for regular Teams purposes. Up until perhaps two-three weeks ago, notifications for incoming Teams events, such as incoming calls or chats, would produce a small, Post-It sized notification in the lower right corner of Windows 10 machines, and it would be on top of other screen events. So if my screen was filled with open documents, I'd still be able to answer an incoming call by clicking the Answer button; same if I'm in a remote desktop from my workstation. Now, in contrast, there is no notification on top. If I'm in the remote desktop, I won't know about an incoming chat. If my screen is full, I won't be able to answer the call. My notification settings have not changed. They are all in the most "notifying" settings. What might have changed, and how can I put the Teams notifications back on top?

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@Joseph Nierenberg I experience the same situation and to me these is an issue. It prevents me from working efficiently and I hope for an adequate solution / response.

@Joseph Nierenberg   Same.  Now the notifications and requests to join calls are appearing under my RDP sessions making conversations and receiving calls very frustrating.

Same issue here. I wish there was an option to make incoming call window show on top of everything else.

@Keith Nail 

I am experiencing the same issue. Always having to minimize my RDP session to answer a call is getting to be an inconvenience. Can we get a fix?