Notifications interrupting Teams audio calls

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I have a problem whereby Teams call audio is interrupted by system notifications on my Windows 10 Pro laptop. Sound control panel is configured to "mute all other sounds" when Windows detects communication activity. The same problem does not occur with Skype audio calls. I am using a Jabra Link 370 headset with wireless usb dongle in case this is relevant.


This issue makes Teams unusable for audio at the moment.


You have Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit). It was last updated on 02/03/2019.

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Close your Skype for business client and try it, I think there is some overlap there that keeps Teams from taking over as a communication device. I think there is bug being worked on there with that. I'm also curious of this myself and will try to test it later.

You are correct @Chris Webb , shutting down the Skype client fixed the issue (I restarted Teams also jic). A further test shows that if I start the Skype client after the Teams client the issue did not re-occur.

Thought that might be the case, thanks for clarifying. I do know Microsoft is aware of this and is working on a fix since it also affects call controls on headsets etc. as well. I never notice these things much because I set Skype for Business to not start up with Windows since I'm Teams only. I wish it would default to this once Teams Only.

@Chris Webb I have the same problem unfortunately but shutting down Skype doesn't correct the issue. It seems to interrupt the call every time I get any notification of any sort - emails, even when they're silenced, pop ups from the system, excel error messages, anything at all. I am really trying to switch from Skype and Webex to teams but this is making it really tough to convince my teammembers

@solomonmichael- this just started happening to me this week.  Have been a mixed skype/teams user on this computer since January and only in the last ~5 days has the system notification been interrupting every call/meeting I'm on through Teams.

Will try without the Skype for Business client or starting it after and see if that helps.  Really quite annoying to have the system grab control away from the active call.  Using a Plantronics 8200 headset.

I wonder if it also may have something to do with this recent announcment?

Share System Audio in Teams - This is to resolve one of the most common complaints of Meetings and screen sharing. Audio played during remote viewing.

@solomonmichael did you ever figure out how to resolve this? My workaround has been to use my cell phone for the audio and my laptop for screen sharing OR use the audio on my Teams mobile App which works fine.

I too have this issue, and Skype is not installed on our machines. Are there any other known solutions?


I also have the same issue. Worked fine for a while, but notifications started interrupting Teams calls about a week ago. It helps if I change the speaker to the computer speakers, but keep my headset as the speaker and microphone in Teams, but this should obviously not be necessary.




I had the exact same issue as you , email notification, skype notification , any sound inputs were interrupting the calls in Teams.

I'm using a Jabra evolve 65 heaset and apparently this device is set up twice, once with stereo, once with no stereo. Even if I'm not sure it's linked to that, what I identified is that you should align your default sound device from Windows with the device in Teams, it should be the exact same output.

It fixed the issue for me !



Fixed this issue on my machine.


Go to Sound - Playback tab.


My BT Speaker was set as Default Headset Earphone AND Default Speaker.


Changed Default Speaker to laptop speakers.


Now BT Speaker works well with Teams. Notifications come through laptop speakers and doesn't interrupt.


Hi @pfein 


Did you resolve your issue? Like you, I don't have Skype on my machine - Teams is the only communication application that is running. When I am in a call, Teams automatically shows the status as "In A Call". The sound settings are set to always mute sounds when communication activity is detected.


Default devices are the Surface Pro speaker and microphone.


So everything looks simple, and configured right. And yet, during Teams calls system notification sounds (including Teams notification sounds) still occur. Does anyone have any solutions for this?

@Jase1000 Thanks! This worked for me too.


Thanks it works, :smile:


This works but then your headphones are basically reserved for Teams, if you then want to hear music once not on the call, you need to switch it back.

I have the same problem with my BT headset which has two connection profiles, one "head-set" and one "stereo" for other sound. During meetings the profile changes when I get notifications or any other program want's to play sound.  Very disturbing. 

After contacting Bose support team, they have informed me that there are two solutions to this:
1. Connect the headphones via Auxiliary cable - defeats the purpose of it being wireless headphones and restricts it to one device and not two.
2. They are launching a usb dongle that supposedly will solve the issue - I paid $300-400 for headphones and now I need to spend extra money because they sold me a product that doesn’t live up to its standards ?

Bottom line, returned the headphones and will look for wireless headphones that can handle VoIP or stick with the cheaper wired ones I have.
Excellent! Worked like a charm. Important to note what @roeedis8 mentioned below - "This works but then your headphones are basically reserved for Teams, if you then want to hear music once not on the call, you need to switch it back."

@dan_nichols A user from our company had the same issue using the Jabra Evolve2 65. I noticed the headset was connected to the latop AND trough the Jabra Link 380 dongle AND trough native built-in bluetooth of the laptop. This is a conflicting setup, let me elaborate:

When I use Teams (meeting or call) on my laptop with my headset conected trough de Jabra link 380 dongle and I am conected to my iPhone trough native build-in bluetooth (so "2 devices connected") of my phone aaannndddd when I receive a call on my phone my heaset puts the Teamscall on hold and plays the ringtone of my phone. Same goes for listening to audio on my laptop and receiving a message on the phone, it will interupt the audio and i'll hear the ringtone of the message. Does this behaviour rings a bell? ;) (pun intented). So verify if the computer is connected twice to the headset, if yes remove the headset (not the link dongle) in the windows bleutooth devices.