Notifications From Teams Groups E-mail Address

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Hi all, I've been doing some digging on this and can't seem to find the answer. Hoping that someone with more Teams knowledge than I can assist. 


I work with a customer-facing team at my company and we are trying to set up an email address for people to message when they need support. We are then hoping to have that email show up in our Teams feed with notifications. 


Currently, I have the email address of a Teams Group and have managed to get emails to show up in the group, but no notifications seem to occur when the message arrives.


What I am hoping to be able to do is either have the forwarded message @mention members of our team or at least have some kind of audible notification to alert us that a new request has come through. 


I have already selected "all notifications" with banner and feed selected, but when an email comes through we get nothing. I have also experimented with using @mentions in the subject line and the body of the email with no results. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Perhaps you could use the channel email address feature for your use case instead?
Yes, forward the email to the Channel email address. You get a notification.

@ChristianJBergstrom @davidpoon Thanks for replying.


I am already using that feature. The emails are showing up in the group channel, but no notification seems to be happening. The only way we can tell that there's a new message in that group is by checking the channel.