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I am setting up a checklist system in teams using planner, whenever some comments on a 'task' it sends an email to all those assigned to the task. Is there any way to switch this off, and only have it come up as a notification on the teams app. We would like to avoid spamming emails as this system will be used quite often, but it is important that a notification is received by the assigned members (preferably on teams) when someone comments on the task.

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@nwehlYou need to enter Planner and adjust the available settings. You can see the "Plan settings" under the three dots in the Planner meny.


Group email settings
- Email is always sent to the group when a comment is made on a task. You can adjust more settings in the Planner notifications settings
- Send email to the group when a task is assigned or completed
Only group owners can change this setting.
To stop receiving any group messages, select "Don't receive any group messages" in group settings.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for the reply, this will turn off email notifications however planner wont push notifications through teams. Its critical we still have notifications. I have designed my checklists to send notifications in a way that is as good as i think it will get for the time being.

@nwehl Hello again, it can be difficult to fully understand the requested scenarios in the community sometimes :) I am not aware of any other options than the official info in the attached link.


'Get Planner assignment notifications in Teams'



Why Planer cannot disable permission to change due dates? At least it could send notification to who created this task.  Why this is not created yet?