Notifications for Shifts are not working

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None of our users are able to get notifications from Shifts for Upcoming shifts on either iOS or Android apps. Settings all appear correct throughout Teams/Shifts and their phones but they simply do not get any notification. This feature was a favorite in StaffHub and worked fine there.

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Hi @Bellmore,

AFAIK, the notifications for upcoming shifts - like in Staffhub - are not there yet, as shown by this recent uservoice

There is also the wider issue of notifications with shifts as shown by this long running TC thread where MS is currently working on remediation

Shifts is a relatively new part of Teams and doesn’t currently have feature parity with Staffhub (things like Time Clock which loads of people want to see)

I would vote on the uservoice and this will notify you of it gets picked up. I will also raise this at the next Microsoft Teams AMA!

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Bellmore  Notifications on mobile device work for us: They appear in the Teams activity feed in the mobile app after the Shifts manager shares the entries from the schedule. There are no other notifications, badges, or anything of that sort, and they do not appear in the desktop or web version of Teams. The manager sharing the entry does (unfortunately) not receive the notifications even when "entire team" is selected at the time of sharing. There is definitely still some work needed as the posts in UserVoice show.

@Kreera House Are you seeing the notifications for upcoming shifts there too? That is the one feature our users are having the most trouble with - not getting notifications of their upcoming shift anywhere.

@BellmoreI have to walk back what I said yesterday … The mobile Teams app does provide notifications of upcoming shifts (see left picture) and you can configure how many hours in advance (I believe up to 24) you want to be notified. On Android, in the Teams app settings under Notifications, you can customize what the notifications look like (middle picture) and under Shifts, you can choose whether and when to receive Upcoming Shift Reminders (right picture):Upcoming Shift notificationUpcoming Shift notification

Thanks. We can configure the notifications, they just don't do anything regardless of the phone OS. In StaffHub it worked for everyone.
Interesting that you get Shifts Notifications. Checked my settings against yours above on my Android App and although its now 2020 and there have been a few cosmetic changes mine settings are the same. However, never ever received a notification for any Shifts I have.

@Allan Clarke And its now 2021 and notifications still aren't working for shifts on the desktop or web. Only the mobile app is getting them. 

Three years later and still no notification support for the desktop or web apps. WHY?