Notifications always popping up.

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The purple notification box in the bottom right corner always pops up when someone chats, even when I'm on a meeting with them, so when they chat, a notification pops up over the chat box, and makes it very frustrating to message anything. I went to the settings and turned off the notifications (at least I think I did), but the notifications are still coming through. Can someone help, these notifications are awful!

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Hi @Seb_S9000, I'm facing this problem when I'm logged into Teams with the web client in parallel. In this case I'm logged into two sessions to Teams with two different clients: desktop client and web client. The anoying notication windows comes up from the web client.

If this is the case, you can disable the notifications from the web client by clicking on the bell symbol beside the URL itself and disable the web notifications.

Thanks for the reply, but I am using the desktop client. It's annoying how the notification settings don't do anything.
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Oh, ok. I searched the web for your issue and it seems that some people from the TechCommunity had the same request a few months ago:

Suppress notifications during calls/meetings - Microsoft Tech Community


@Linus Cansby posted a few User Voice request for this request. So currently this feature is missing and you can vote for it in the User Voice portal.

As a workaround some members of the community suggested to set the status to DND during a meeting.