Not wanting to see myself on Teams

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I heard it is an option to arrange that you cannot see yourself in Teams, while everyone else in the meeting can keep seeing you. Does anyone know how to fix that? 

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@KarenPleunis You will always see your self-view in the lower right corner, you cannot turn off this and still send your video. There is an uservoice request to be able to turn off self-view, vote for that and comment why you want it.
Move or turn-off selfview in a Teams Meetings – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

If you are using the Large gallery view you will see yourself in the gallery view, no way to change that. 



I open a sticky note and place it bottom right to hide myself. 

@Linus Cansby based on this article it appears you can have the option to turn it off. However, as much as I don’t want to see myself I can only imagine how problematic this could be as user get used to not seeing themselves and forget they are on camera. O

The rollout of this feature starts in January and will be completed in February. I agree that can be a problem that users forget that they are on camera, but as long as they are active in the meeting that should not be a problem. The video will not be completely hidden, they will still see a small part of it (but not see themselves).

@Linus CansbyIs there any way to suggest this feature to MS? It would be nice feature to just click "hide your own picture". If you're worried people forget their on video, then add some notification feature, and also I think you can give people some responsibility for their own actions.