not seeing profile pictures in Teams desktop application

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Hi everyone,

I have a realy strange behavior of Teams when I'm logged in with my user at the desktop application.
In this case I'm not able to see any of our users profile pictures.
If I'm logged in via web-app or mobile-app I can see all of them.

I already tried to clear the cache, reinstall teams and even logged on to different computers, always with the same result, that I can't see the profile pictures.

The only profile picture I can see is my own.


If I create a new user and log in with this one, the profile pictures are here.

So is there somewhere a hidden setting that could cause this?

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Hello @marcel_berger  I did a search of this community and found a post that is very similar to yours.  There are several suggestions within this that may solve your issue:


I already saw the first post and tried to solve the problem, by clearing the cache but it didn't help.
Because of the fact that the problem even appears on different computers, I don't think that it is a chache issue.

But now I also tried to logoff from every session that is possible opened. I did so by using this guide:

Waited a few hours and then cleared the cache again (py the PS script provided) and logged on to teams on only one machine, but the problem persists.


@marcel_berger I have the exact same issue and it's driving me crazy. Did you find a solution? It's been like this since my account was created (I don't see anyone's profile pictures via the Desktop App across multiple computers, but I see all of them when I use the web browser). No other users in the organization is experiencing this problem. I also tried clearing cache, deleting registry entries/folders, reinstalling Teams, etc.


Hi @Robert888,
unfortunately I didn't found a good solution for this problem.
But since there where also other Problems with my account I did the following:
1. Migration of onlinemailbox to onPremises

2. Exclude my Account from AAD-Sync

3. Hard deletion of the account in Cloud, knowing that I will loose many things, like Teams chats history, Planner plans and history, Onedrive and so on...

4. Syncing again my account with AAD

5. Migration of onPrem mailbox to cloud again.


Because it's a completely new cloud identity now, I'm not even able to login here with the old account and therefore writing with this new one.

For a while my collegues saw then always two account of me in teams, and some chatted with the old one and so on... I had to be readded to groupchats...

There are many little things that I didn't thought about, but the problem with the profilepics has been gone.