Not receiving TEAMS messages from previously blocked user

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Hi All,


Having previously blocked a user within my workplace (on desktop app), and subsequently unblocking them, I still find myself not receiving their messages. I understand the option to block users was removed on work/school accounts, but the user was still showing as blocked on the mobile app, but even after removing, still no message.


On the mobile app there is also an invite pending, but clicking on 'accept' does nothing at all.




Any ideas?

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@Therese_Solimeno, afraid not. The option to block./unblock is no longer there, though I did already removed from blocked users via Setting > People > Blocked contacts.

Uninstalled on both mobile and laptop, reinstalled, still the same... key seems to be accepting the invite but it is completely non-functional when trying to accept. Colour of the button changes, but no actions.

@NickG80 have the same issue. Nothing has helped so far. We are using enterprise Team account at our company. Any solution? 

Have the same issue and it happened withing the same time frame as this post was created.
Someone has fixed it, but didn't tell me what the cause or solution was :(