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we are starting out to move to Teams, however its a long processes and they need to coexist for a while so SfB users need to be able to send chat messages to Teams users. However this does not work now?? If a SfB user send an message to a Teams user it will end up in the mail box stating that someone message the person. I'm I missing some settings or why is this not working the SfB chats are routed to Teams?


thanks for any help on this.




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Are Team users configured so Teams is the client for receiving messags and calls? You can check this in the new Teams and Skype For Business Admin Center

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín,


thanks for the reply, I checked the new admin center today.. :) And saw that our coexistence mode was set to a depreciated setting so I set that mode to Island Mode is that the setting you are referring to? I did not see any other related setting on each specific user.




I've the same problem. I've already configured islands mode but SFB users cannot send messages for Team users, but a SFB user receives messages from Teams users.

Also, the presence are not accurate and I'm unable to make direct calls in the both ways.

Anyone can help?

Hi @Ivo Fernandes,


I have now an ongoing case with Microsoft about this, however for us the presence seem to work ok but chat messages between SfB and Teams are totally blocked. I will post update here as soon as I get new information from MS

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Hi all,


so I talked to Microsoft Support and now go the answer why this is not working. I didn't read the description of what Island Mode is:


Island Mode: Incoming VOIP calls and chats land in same client as originator


which means that Team chat will go to Team and SfB to SfB.. So the other option as for our Tenant at least is SfB Only which is that you only use SfB for chat and not Teams.

TeamsOnlyIncoming calls and chats are routed to TeamsTeams onlyEnd users can initiate calls and chats from Teams only. Skype for Business is only available to join meetings.


This is the Mode we are looking for, we dont have that yet in our Tenant. I guess it is about to be released:


(requires SfB Online home)
A single user runs only Teams. This user:
  • Receives any chats and calls in their Teams client, regardless of where initiated.
  • Can initiate chats and calls from Teams only.
  • Can schedule meetings in Teams only, but can join Skype for Business or Teams meetings.
  • Can continue to use Skype for Business IP phones.



@Martin Sagerstrand - Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't setting your UpgradePolicy to TeamsOnly for your tenant then block all users of that tenant from being able to use SFB?  Or would you only be setting the TeamsOnly policy for those that are currently using Teams then preventing those users from being able to use SFB?

I guess we won't know until Microsoft actually give us the option.


Currently the 2 options are:


Islands:  "Uses both the Skype for Business and Teams apps."


Skype for Business only: "Users receive chats and calls in Skype for Business."


Neither of these options would allow a Skype for Business user to have their message received by a Teams user.


If you try, you will get "User can't receive IMs right now. Status is unavailable or offline." even though they are online.


Sort it out Microsoft!

I agree on this, we have to wait and see when MS actually releases a new Coexistence Mode,


I found a new setting in Admin / Teams settings: 


I try this and didn't work that great, did not end up as an SfB message, just an email stating the user to join Teams.. 





Any News?

We have the same issue.


Best regards



I think we have to wait for the other Modes to be released. We have chosen to go all in Teams now in our organization but until all users are on Teams we will run them parallel and hopefully next year the Teams Only mode is released and we will remove SfB.. That is our release plan anyways.



Hi Martin,


the teams-only mode is already available via Powershell to be assigned to your users.



Grant-CsTeamsInteropPolicy -PolicyName DisallowOverrideCallingTeamsChatTeams -Identity $SipAddress




that is good news, did anyone try this and what will happen in an organization with both Teams and SfB?



It's a policy you can set globally or per user. If you set it globally then no more Skype and welcome to the future.


If you set your global policy to Skype only, and then individual users to Teams only then you'll get messages passing between the two environments, and every user will only have one place to receive calls and messages.

For more information about the available modes:

As said before more modes are also coming!


Hi Adam,

how can I set globally by Powershell?



It works fine!!


Thank you!

Later but that option doesn't appear to be there anymore