Not receiving any messages or notifications from MS Teams on Mac OS X (Monterey 12.3.1)

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On my MacBook Air M1 (running the latest OS X version) I am not getting any messages or notifications at all, and not only on the desktop app, but neither on the web app. As soon as I refresh (the web app) or quit & open the desktop app, the messages will appear, but I won't be getting any new messages/notifications until I refresh/re-open the app again. 

This is happening only on my MacBook, in the meanwhile I get all the messages&notifications instantly on my iOS device.

I have already tried turning notification on and off, cleared out the cache by removing these files:

Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/Application Cache/Cache
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/blob_storage
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/Cache
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/databases
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/GPUCache
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/IndexedDB
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/Local Storage
Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams/tmp
But since the web app is behaving the same way, I don't think that it's an issue with the desktop app files.
Worth mentioning, my iOS device (where I get all the messages) is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as the MacBook. And also MS Teams was working fine on Friday (6th of May), and I have not changed any configuration, did not install any new apps and nor did I update anything else on the laptop.

If anyone knows what might be the issue, I would appreciate it a lot!

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Hi @chrisxhorn ,


have you checked Notifications settings on the Mac?




I'm assuming that you checked, and re-enabled Notifications in Microsoft Teams in Settgins?

Hi @Adin_Calkic, yes I already tried turning the notification on and off. But it's normal that I don't get notifications, the issue is not with the notifications, it's because I don't actually receive any message or updates on threads even if I open the app, so there's no notification to be shown.

As soon as I refresh the web app, or re-open the desktop app, all the messages and notifications appear from the past few minutes, but I don't get any new messages/notifications until I re-open/refresh again.
Having this same exact issue! It just happened recently for me as well.

@johma0xff  @Tmank1580 

Hey guys,


For me it was fixed automatically, I did not do anything else other than what I specified in the thread. Sadly, MS Teams is behaving weird a lot of times on MacOS, and I still experience some issues from time to time, but they are mostly intermittent.

Has there ever been a resolution to this? For me on my M1 MBP it works when I’m in office but doesn’t work when I’m working from home. I’m using new teams and switching to old teams when working from home makes it so I can send and receive messages, but new teams just doesn’t work from home. Oddly I can send messages from new teams and they make it through, but responses and read notifications don’t and coworkers’ statuses don’t show correctly. 

Also worth noting is that I have also deleted caches and reinstalled new teams, rebooted, cleared out keychains for new teams etc. and the issue persists. 

@Mburton11  I'm having the same problems (M1 Mac Mini and also M2 Air) and did all the same self-help steps. At a loss.

I have found that notifications work correctly when my M1 MBP is undocked, but when I connect it to my universal dock (with the DisplayLink chipset) they stop appearing even if I keep the laptop screen open and set the laptop as the primary display.


Turns out that there is a global notification setting "Allow notifications when sharing or mirroring the display" which needs to be enabled if you are using a universal dock

The notifications work fine for chats but not teams, which is odd. The teams messages are notifications from Airtable but they work fine in Slack. Still searching!