Not getting response from azure app client using 'Initialize client applications using MSAL.js'

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I was using 'Initialize client applications using MSAL.js' for the integration of MS Teams meeting schedule with my application using azure Application Client ID, below are the code snippet I have used to get the client info but not able to get any response.




import { PublicClientApplication } from '@azure/msal-browser';
const configuration = {
auth: {
clientId: this.eworkStylePropertiesService.msteamsApplicationClientID,
redirectUri: `${window.location.origin}${window.location.pathname}`,

const msalInstance = new PublicClientApplication(configuration);
const account = msalInstance.getAllAccounts();


Kindly provide me the help I can get response from the azure Application client ID. Earlier 1 year ago with the same code I was getting response from my azure application client ID.


Note: I tried putting code in code snippet but it was not accepting.

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