Not being able to access my organization

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Hi, apologies but I am very new on using Teams. I registered with this email a day before signing a job contract. I downloaded the desktop app and log in there using the email. So when the HR of the company asked me to give them my email to be invited for Teams, I give that email.

And a day later, I received an email that I have been added as guest to the company. However, when I opened it to the desktop app, it doesnt seem to show. It asked me to log in again despite I am already log in there, and If I logged on, it says I cant add another personal account there. So the organization is inaccessible to the desktop.

However, it is still accessible to the web version, which Im very confused of because the email used on the organization is already registered, they seems are separated account? I dont understand much about this, is there any way for me to access that account which has organization in dekstop account? I can't ask much help from the company so I prefer the solution is something I can do myself.
Thank you

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Hello@TotalQinimainZain  This scenario may not be exactly what you're experiencing but the troubleshooting suggestions might help.  Can't log into microsoft teams on desktop app version - Microsoft Community