Not all Team members are showing in "Peoples" pane

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For some reason, when clicking the "Peoples" pane on the right to show members - only 9 of 16 members are showing in the list of a Team?  Yet I have other Teams where all members are showing.

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Each team can have custom amounts of people. If you edit that team and look at the members do you have all of them? Does the general channel show them all if so? If that’s the case and a different channel shows less then they are not favoriting the channel and it’s showing who is favoriting the channel.

When choosing "manage team", there are 16 members.

When choosing the "General" channel, still only 9 members show.  

All members have the Team favorited/followed, yet some members just don't show in the list.  

Web or desktop? If desktop check in web client at and see if it matches there.

Same result on both and the desktop client, only showing 9 of 16.   


I just logged in as a user that wasn't displaying in the list to check, and verified that they are following/favoriting & they still don't show.  

any other thoughts? - just very strange that this is happening only to a select few users. 


I also created a new team, added one of the accounts that wasn't displaying properly and followed/favorited and they again weren't showing in the People's section.  

In the past week, we have been seeing the same odd behavior around the users in the Team. Admin Center would show a count for the group that would match up to Active Directory numbers, but in Teams and Teams Admin Center, the group numbers were as much as half what is in Admin Center. One of our issues matched up with a synchronization advisory from Microsoft. Clueless past that.