Not all participants showing up on list to assign into breakout rooms

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Within the Teams Breakout function, only about half of the invitees to the meeting show up on the participant list to be able to be assigned to a room. How do I get all invitees to show up on this list?


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If I remember correctly, external invitees aren’t shown until they join. Is this the case?
If this is the case this is by design for now


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We're also having the same problem within our small organisation (5 people).  The other day one of us was able to pre-assign external invitees to breakout rooms several days ahead of the session, and I am able to do the same with antother meeting I have set up in a couple of weeks - again with external attendees, yet another team member has a meeting set up for this Friday but when she goes to pre-assign people to the breakout rooms she's set up it only shows the internal people and not the external invitees, so she is unable to do it.  Why does this sometimes work but sometimes not?  Anyone got any ideas?  Many thanks!

I see there is no update as we too are experiencing the same issues.


I am having the same problems: some external participants show up in the list to pre-assign breakout rooms; others don't. It is importanto to know whether it will work when the latter join the meeting or not!

Any experience?



Microsoft, this is absolutely useless!


It now means having 80 people in a training session who are going to have to sit around waiting whilst I configure their breakout rooms.


How can such an obvious failing still be in place after this software has been in use for so long?