Not able to sign up in Microsoft teams

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Hi Team,

I am trying to sign up on teams app with then it's asked phone no for verification but it shows that my mobile number +916263567664 is invalid.
Please see the attachment below.
Please do the needful ASAP.

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Hi @Sobhit16 ,


To me you have the right format as Country code is included,  but try a 0 at the beginning to make it 11 digits as it can be the length sometimes, although the message suggests characters. 





Not working.



I was desperately trying to reproduce and I am sure I encountered something similar way back when.


The only other suggest I have is to try splitting out the first portion of the number, so perhaps try:

*** ******* 10 Digit

**** ****** 10 DIgit

*** ******** 11 Digit

**** ******* 11 Digit


If that fails and to help me try and reproduce can you confirm if you are trying to sign up for the free version? Also what account are using, is it an existing Microsoft account such as or say a account and you then choose the option to create account?


Also is the number a mobile number, sorry just thinking it is anything like the number would go to a device that cannot receive a text code? Sorry if sounds daft, just thinking out loud at this point.