Not able to see the Add apps( + ) in recurring scheduled meeting.

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We have a hosted application on Microsoft Teams. Currently, in my calendar, I've scheduled recurring meetings for each day. However, I've noticed a peculiar issue – in some of the meetings that I created, the "Add App (+)" button is not visible, while in others, it is present. This inconsistency is causing inconvenience for both myself and our customers who are eager to use the application.

We suspect that there might be an issue with Microsoft Teams meetings, as the absence of the "Add App" button is affecting the accessibility and functionality of our hosted application.

Any insights or assistance from the community to understand and resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else encountered a similar situation, and if so, how was it addressed?

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@MicrosoftTeams Hi is this in the new teams client or the old one?


THanks and you are the organiser of the meeting?