Not able to see Background Effects in Microsoft Teams

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Hello Fellas,

   Have been struggling from last few days, trying to find solution for problem in finding the option of Change Background while in the call. I have uninstalled desktop app, reinstalled latest version. It is not even creating the folder in the apps data. Can some one help. I am on (You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 5/1/20), with Windws 10 on Lenova Yoga Book. tea

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@Anubhav1270 Remove your webcam from device manager and re-install it. This should solve the issue.

Remove your webcam from device manager and re-install it. This should solve the issue.
same problem here in Huawei Matepad D15(Amd Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega), HP 14-am070tu(Intel Pentium 10) & Samsung Galaxy Book Flex(Intel Core i5)

@Anubhav1270 In case if your desktop doesn't support AVX2, try to use one of the USB port by connecting the headset or use HDMI port by connecting another monitor. By doing so, the Background Effects option start showing in MS Teams. It's kind of strange but it works.


Thanks !

@Anubhav1270  yes i am not abal to do backround effects


@FranciscoLopez Hello, I don't seem to have the Background Effects function in my version of Teams (  I'm on Mac OS 10.15.7.  Did you have to do something special to get that enabled?

I have a 2011 macbook pro, the effects option showed up just yesterday, but today i cant see the menu but my background effect is still there and i cant change it

@sameershafi mine also same i cannot see background effect option why this pls reply fast !!


i kept pressing check for updates but it never happened it just updating other things

@ConnieClarkMission So is there any alternative to use effects on teams for those whose hardware is not supported?

@ConnieClarkMission So what is the alternative for the people who have older PC? if they want to use the Background effect?

@Anubhav1270  Thank you so much




I am also having this same issue with my Lenovo Ideapad 3 that u just bought today. Why can I get the teams background on my Lenovo Ideapad s145 but not the 3?
iam also not getting so how can i install this mac teams
iam connected with webcam in computer . iam also not getting this backgrounds . Are you sure the background option will come in teams ?????i think so

after removing webcam did the teams get background option. 

after installing can i put the webcam . to turn on video is there any promblem?




















I have the same problem, and im on hp, it may be because u dont have the app installed!

@salesguy_1 My 2012 iMac didn't have the option for quite some time- then it did.  I figured it must have been an app update.


I recently reset Teams and lost the option to have a background image.  Then I plugged in my external 1080P USB Webcame and I have the options again- on either the external webcam or the internal 720p 15fps camera.  If you have a USB Webcam handy maybe just try it with that?

@Anubhav1270  Try to open Microsoft teams from the google, sign up, and enter a meeting. You shall have three dots at the bottom if you are using a laptop. I am not sure where you can find the three dots if you are using any other device. After you click on the three dots you will find "Show Background Effects" Click on it, click preview then choose the background you want to have you may even choose a normal blurry background. If you don't have any you may click "add" and start adding your own backgrounds that you would like to put on your backgrounds of your meetings. If you are even in a formal meeting or a job meeting you can search on google for some formal pictures and start saving them after that you can put them on the background so you can have your own.:*

I think there are different ways from both devices and the common way is on Mac but the uncommon way may be on computers and you don't know how to solve it.